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  • ✅ Multicolor print
  • ✅ LED light guide for ideal positioning of the impression
  • ✅ Easy to personalize your device
  • ✅ Free, intuitive app for iOS and Android
  • ✅ One of the most compact devices on the market
  • ✅ Continuous printing
  • ✅ Print on absorbent surfaces
  • ✅ HP cartridge for up to 1,500 prints
  • ✅ Made in Austria

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Discover the COLOP e-mark go: your mobile printer for every occasion

The COLOP e-mark go is not just a tool, but a gateway to endless creative and business possibilities. This versatile mini printer opens a world where your ideas can instantly come to life on materials you never thought possible. Discover what you can do with the e-mark go and how it can serve as a catalyst for new business ideas.
Limitless application possibilities

Personalized Gifts and Products : From custom printed wooden coasters to personalized fabric bags, the e-mark go allows you to create unique gifts and products that stand out from the crowd.
Event Marketing : Create customized invitations, name tags, goodie bags and more for events, trade shows or weddings. The e-mark go helps you leave a lasting impression.
Branding and packaging : Small businesses and startups can benefit from the ability to quickly and cost-effectively personalize packaging, labels and business materials to strengthen their brand.
Education and organization : Teachers and educational institutions can use e-mark go to mark learning materials, simplify organizational tasks and support creative projects in the classroom.
Arts and crafts : Artists and hobbyists find an ally in e-mark go to transfer their works of art to various materials and realize their creative visions.

The mobile lifestyle printer - smart and easy to use.
• Portable and mobile
• Brilliant and sharp prints in full color and high resolution
• Print on many different surfaces
• easy to use - design, connect, let's print
• Device can be personalized by swapping the handle label
• LED lights on both sides - for ideal positioning
• 2-color ink cartridge for approx. 1,500 prints
• max. print size: 14.5 x 150 mm (continuous printing possible)
• Print quality: 600 dpi
• Data transmission: WiFi (significantly faster than Bluetooth)

Scope of delivery : 1x Colop e-mark® go

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Print together – off to new adventures!

Multicolored prints on a variety of surfaces.

Both the mini printer and the e-mark go app were developed with a clear goal: to offer extremely intuitive and easy handling, which at the same time enables the highest level of creativity and individuality.

Thanks to the inkjet technology of the e-mark go, multi-colored prints can be created on almost all absorbent surfaces, including paper, cardboard, cork, textiles, wood, stone, leather and many more. The creative companion, which easily fits into any handbag, is controlled via the innovative e-mark go app, which can be used to design individual motifs. Manufactured and developed in Austria, the e-mark go has already been awarded gold at the prestigious German Innovation Award 2022. The jury particularly praised the ease of use, as the surface is simply used instead of a sheet of paper, which makes it exceptionally comfortable to use and opens up completely new application possibilities. The e-mark go was highly appreciated as a practical tool for everyone that is easy to use and fits perfectly into the DIY trend. In addition to the versatile printing all-rounder, there are helpful accessories and consumables.

How is the e-mark® go used?

e-mark go erklärvideo

How to use the e-mark® go

  1. Download the free app for iOS or Android
  2. Design your own print or select predefined motifs
  3. Connect the app to the e-mark go
  4. Send the motif from the app to the printer with one click
  5. LET'S PRINT on almost any absorbent surface directly or on labels
Explanatory video
Verwendung der APP
Bedrucken von Baumwollbändern

Printing on cotton ribbons

Thanks to the Ribbon Guide, the e-mark go enables professional printing of your individual design on cotton ribbons. We also offer a specially coated tape that makes the print waterproof. Use this option to make ribbons for bouquets, create unique laces for your sneakers, or design a lanyard for your phone case. With the e-mark go you have numerous options for integrating color and individuality into your lifestyle.

Label printer

Our extensive selection of continuous labels allows you to effortlessly design individual labels according to your wishes. With a simple sideways movement of the e-mark go you can produce one or more labels within seconds. There are various options available to you: from white and transparent labels to textile labels that can even be ironed onto clothing for permanent attachment. This makes the print wash-resistant and guarantees long-lasting quality.


Sign printer

The e-mark go allows you to create creative and individual signs in no time. Thanks to the integrated ruler, you can position the print perfectly on narrow signs for a precise and professional result.

Printing on textiles

Give your sneakers made of textile materials an individual touch with full-color print. With just a few quick sideways movements left or right, you can create your unique sneaker design that is guaranteed to be one of a kind. Use a fixative spray to make the print waterproof and ensure long-lasting quality.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

The e-mark go is an indispensable tool for designing unique bullet journals. With this mobile printer, any plain white journal page becomes a work of art in no time. You can print directly into your journal or create beautiful tags that you then simply paste in.

Revolutionize your business and creative projects with the COLOP e-mark go

The COLOP e-mark go is not just a revolutionary mobile
mini printers; it is the bridge between your creativity and the real world.
With the ability to print on almost anything - from wood to textiles -
The e-mark go opens up countless opportunities for business innovation and
creative development.
The COLOP e-mark go is more than that
just a printer - it is a tool that inspires creativity, efficiency and
Innovation united. Whether you run a business, creative projects
implement or look for new business opportunities that e-mark go offers
the flexibility and performance you need to achieve your goals.
The COLOP e-mark go is more than that
just a printer - it is a tool that inspires creativity, efficiency and
Innovation united. Whether you run a business, creative projects
implement or look for new business opportunities that e-mark go offers
the flexibility and performance you need to achieve your goals.

Unlimited possibilities with the COLOPe-mark go

For companies: The e-mark go is a powerful tool for branding and
Marketing. Personalize packaging, business materials or
Promotional gifts with your logo or special messages to promote your brand
to highlight. The ease of use and the ability to take on the go
printing, make the e-mark go the ideal partner for trade fairs, pop-up events and
Customer visits.

For creatives: Whether you create individual works of art, personalized
Offer gifts or want to expand your own design portfolio - the
e-mark go offers the flexibility to reflect your vision on a variety of
Bringing materials to life. Of wood
to unique textile prints – yours
There are no limits to creativity.

For innovators: The e-mark go opens up new business areas. Start one
Customization service, provide mobile printing services or develop
unique products that were not possible before. You can go with the e-mark
You can react quickly to market trends and offer tailor-made solutions.

New business ideas with the e-mark go

The COLOP e-mark go does not open
only new ways for existing business models, but also inspires
completely new ventures:
Start a business focused on the
Specializing in personalization of products. With the e-mark go you can
Customize a wide range of items and so on
serve the growing market for personalized products.

Printing Services:
Provide mobile printing service for
Events and trade fairs. The e-mark go allows you to do it on site
print and thus provide a unique and valuable service.

Organize workshops in which
Participants learn how to use the e-mark go for their own projects
can. This can be an excellent way to build a community of
Building creative talent and generating income at the same time.


The e-mark go is available for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS.

About the software


All instructions and product data sheets for accessories can be found in our Help Center.

Show instructions


In the app you will find some templates that you can print out immediately or modify to your liking. You can also access our template and clipart store to download and purchase additional designs. Create an account in the app to sync your prints and get access to the template and clipart store.

Technical data

  • Create prints with the free app for iOS and Android
  • Ink cartridge C2: suitable for up to approx. 1,500 prints; Three-color cartridge (CMY) for printing any color in reliably high quality
  • Mobile multi-color printing, directly onto various absorbent surfaces, inkjet, 600 dpi
  • Maximum size of the impression: height 14.5 mm and length 150 mm (5.9" x 0.57")
  • 4 hour battery life (continuous printing)
  • Battery: Li-ion 7.4V 800mAh
  • Data transmission: Wi-Fi
  • Weight of the device without packaging: 178 g
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Template and clipart storage for additional designs (also available for free)
  • Upload logos and images (jpg or png) and print them out
  • Extensive accessories available
  • Made in Austria

questions and answers

What materials can I print on with the e-mark go?

The e-mark go can print directly onto almost all absorbent surfaces. Various types of paper, cardboard, envelopes, gift bags, untreated wood, fabrics, ribbons, cork, stone, cement, unglazed ceramics and much more can be printed with the e-mark go. Some surfaces produce better printing results than others. For non-absorbent materials we recommend our range of labels. You can find a full list of recommended materials here!

What type of paint/ink does the e-mark go use?

The e-mark go is based on inkjet technology. The standard ink cartridge in the e-mark go is a 3-color cartridge (CMY), any color combinations can be printed with the e-mark go. It was developed by HP Inkjet Technology specifically for mobile printing purposes. The e-mark go can only be used with original COLOP e-mark cartridges. You can make around 1,500 impressions with one cartridge. In addition to the standard cartridge, a black pigment ink and a UV ink are also available.

Are there templates in the app?

In the app you will find initial templates that you can print out immediately or change to your liking in the editor. When you register in the app, you can also access our template and clipart store, where you can find more designs on a variety of topics. There are also some free templates and clipart.

Can I create my own designs?

Yes, of course! In the app you can create your own designs as you wish. Add your own images in PNG or JPEG format or clipart from the app, add text and change their color, size, font and much more.

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