Tonerkartusche refill nachfüllen
Tonerkartusche refill nachfüllen

Toner refill to refill yourself

What is Toner Refill?

Refill is English and means refilling or, more precisely, refilling (the prefix “re” corresponds to the German “wieder”). However, the shorter term “nachfüll” for “refill” has become established in German. In relation to toner, refill means a process of using toner cartridges multiple times, i.e. refilling them.

Refillable colors were already available for older printer models that did not use laser technology. But only the dry toner used for laser printers, consisting of toner powder, enables a clean refill process, i.e. one in which ink is not splashed and can be easily refilled by any layperson. With modern refill toner, provided the refill process follows the instructions, the risk of contamination is significantly lower.

Refill Anleitung für Laserdrucker kompatible Druckermodelle

Refill is especially worthwhile for laser printers!

Refilling with refill toner makes sense for printers that are called laser printers or color lasers or color lasers. The refill process is recommended for laser printers simply because of the costs. New toner cartridges often cost comparable amounts to the laser printer itself. This is the case with Xerox color lasers, for example. Toner cartridges cost about 2/3 of the price of the printer. For Samsung, Epson and OKI laser printers, the cartridges can sometimes reach prices that are higher than those of the devices. However, these costs are unnecessary because Refill offers the opportunity to purchase inexpensive refill toners that eliminate the need for a new toner cartridge. There is also the option of simply filling in individual, missing colors. Refill is possible in stages and can be used as needed.

Refill instructions

We do not leave you alone!

Although it is a method that can be used by anyone, there are a few things you should keep in mind. We at are one of the few refill toner providers that provide detailed and easy-to-follow refill instructions for many devices Included in delivery. These instructions are illustrated so you can carry out a refill yourself step by step.

Refill Drucker kompatibel
Druckerzubehör Tonerfabrik Berlin Refill-Produkte für Laserdrucker

Refill toner individually or in a package?

Refill is a very flexible way to refill the laser printer. You can either purchase a whole set that contains all 4 basic colors of the CMYK spectrum, i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black, or each color individually. But even if you buy a whole set, that doesn't mean you have to refill all the colors immediately and at the same time. You can divide the refill process into multiple steps as needed.

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Are you ready to upgrade? In addition to our environmentally friendly refill solutions, we also offer an exclusive selection of original and compatible toner cartridges from leading manufacturers such as HP , Canon and Epson . Click here to discover our high-quality products that are perfectly tailored to your printing needs. Benefit from our attractive prices and special offers that have been put together especially for our customers. Don't miss the chance to experience quality and reliability with every print!

Important information for refill products

With us you always purchase exclusive and consistent quality refill toners. Our high-quality refill toners achieve results comparable to the original toners, whereas with other suppliers you may have to compromise on print quality or reliability. For us, quality is a matter of course that you can rely on.

Refill toner compatibility depends on the specific printer model. It is advisable to check the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations to ensure that the refill toner is compatible with the printer.

Refill toners can be a more environmentally friendly option as they encourage the reuse of toner cartridges and therefore reduce the amount of plastic waste. However, the environmental impact may vary depending on the manufacturing and refill process. If you buy your product from us, you can be sure that we attach great importance to environmentally friendly production.

The cost savings from using refill toner can be significant, especially when compared to the price of new original toner cartridges. The exact savings depend on the respective provider's prices and printing habits.

In some cases, using refill toner may void the printer's warranty. It is advisable to check the printer manufacturer's warranty conditions and, if necessary, ask the manufacturer.

Some customers have health concerns regarding the refill process. A complete all-clear cannot be given here. We recommend preventing dust formation from the refill powder by wearing a mask during the refill process. This respirator mask is neither expensive nor complicated, but protects you from inhaling harmful substances potentially contained in the refill toner.


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