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Colop E-Mark mobile printer

A new era for compact printing through intelligent mobile printing solutions for diverse requirements

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The most compact printer on the market

No matter what surface, Colop's mobile printers can handle any adventure!

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Welcome to the mobile printing and marking world!

Our mobile printers and marking devices are compact, handy and extremely versatile. They enable full-color printing directly on almost all absorbent surfaces. Whether for businesses or private individuals, you can label, personalize and design with these intelligent, app-controlled devices.
The demand for individual messages is continually increasing, be it for customers, friends or family. These personalized elements increase satisfaction and delight. Thanks to the mobile COLOP e-mark printers, personalizing on site has never been so easy and quick.

The philosophy of mobile printing

Compared to the traditional printing method of loading paper into a desktop printer and printing documents from the PC, mobile printing offers an alternative approach. Our compact labeling devices fit easily into almost any pocket and therefore enable flexible use anywhere.

Additionally, mobile printing allows direct printing onto a variety of absorbent surfaces, making it ideal for quick and easy personalization, organization and design.

COLOP was a pioneer in this area by being the first company to bring such a device onto the market. Since entering the market in 2019, the products have been continually developed and new products have been added to the e-mark family.

Intelligent mobile printing solutions for a wide range of requirements

Use our device to create direct printing in full color on a wide variety of surfaces, whether for personalizing event ribbons or cotton ribbons, creating labels, printing QR or barcodes on packages, making signs, business cards, name or key cards or integrating them into bullet journals. Our devices offer limitless possibilities for craft and creative applications.

Do you work in a business role or represent a company and are you looking for a cost-effective labeling and personalization solution that can be used in various business areas such as office administration, marketing, event management, logistics, sales, quality management or production?

Then we present you the ideal solution with the e-mark and its versatile accessories, including the Ribbon Station, the Multiline Printing Tool, cotton ribbons, continuous labels, label sheets as well as printable signs and cards. In addition to the ability to create multi-colored prints directly on almost all absorbent surfaces, the e-mark offers additional functions for professional use: date and numbering function, barcode and QR code generator, storage of up to 4 prints on the device , multi-line and continuous printing, printer drivers and Windows software.

If you are looking for a labeling and personalization device mainly for private use and want to get creative yourself, be it for the design of cards (greeting cards, place cards, menu cards, gift cards, etc.), bullet journaling, the personalization of cotton ribbons and other items from various materials or the production of labels and tags, then the extremely compact and user-friendly e-mark go in conjunction with suitable accessories is the perfect choice for you. The e-mark go is the latest mobile mini printer from COLOP, developed and produced in Austria. You have the option to choose either the individual product or the starter set, which already contains the most important accessories and consumables.

Alternatively, we offer the e-mark create as another mobile printer in our range. Since it uses the same ink cartridge as the e-mark and e-mark go, the print image is comparable in size and color. In addition to its own app, the e-mark create can also be controlled via Windows software. The Ribbon Station is also available for the e-mark create.

Our e-mark create XXL creative set offers you the mobile printer, the most important accessories, a cotton ribbon and a helpful tips & tricks brochure in an attractive box.

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Create your own prints

Create your own prints
With the corresponding app (e-mark, e-mark create or e-mark go) or the Windows software (available for e-mark and e-mark create) you have the opportunity to design individual prints with a simple Click to send to the mobile printer and print immediately. The editor offers a variety of design options. You can insert texts, use existing fonts or upload your own fonts to the software, adjust font sizes, colors, etc. In addition, you can use the editor to integrate image files such as logos, icons or photos (.jpg or .png) into your print design. The numerous options for creating your own designs in the editor underline the versatility of our e-mark products as solutions for personalization and craft work.

If you would prefer to use ready-made designs, these are available either free of charge on the e-mark homepage (for e-mark and e-mark create ) or directly in the app under "Store" (for e-mark go ). .

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