Printers, faxes, copiers and space-saving multifunctional devices from OKI can be found in almost all offices, but also in home use. All OKI devices have something in common - they are inexpensive to purchase, offer excellent quality for both private and commercial consumers, work extremely reliably, are economical to use and are easy to maintain. On the German market, OKI has achieved a leading position, particularly in the color laser printer sector. The special thing about OKI color laser devices is that they are able to process paper in DIN A3 format.

Save money and protect the environment with refill toner for OKI laser printers

In the vast majority of cases, the toner cartridge at OKI is simply a cylinder filled with powder, which is then inserted into the separately available image drum/drum. With a rotary movement, not only is the toner cartridge fixed in the drum, a flap is then often opened and the toner powder falls into the drum unit. Since the proportion of wearing parts in an OKI cartridge is very low, they can be refilled easily and without much specialist knowledge. You can find the appropriate toner powder for all common OKI devices as well as detailed refill instructions in our toner shop. You can buy the toner powder for the corresponding colors (black, yellow, magenta, cyan) individually, or in a set including the counter chips.

Protect the environment with refill & rebuilt toner for OKI devices

Use this text block to show announcements, promote products and collections or simply welcome visitors to your store. In addition to refill toner for all common OKI printers, you can also find ready-made toner cartridges at TONERFABRIK™ BERLIN. These compatible toner cartridges (also called rebuilt toner) are empty, already used cartridges that are sorted into a collection system. Before refilling, the wearing parts are checked and replaced if necessary. The range of our rebuilt toners for OKI corresponds to that of original toners. Refill toner and compatible toner cartridges from TONERFABRIK™ BERLIN not only protect your wallet, but also make a significant contribution to reducing the burden on the environment. If you have any questions about our products, call our hotline or use the online chat option. Our trained specialist staff will be happy to help you.


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