The Japanese company Ricoh was founded in 1936 and in its early days focused on the distribution of light-sensitive paper. There was also the production of cameras. The company began manufacturing and selling office machines in the mid-1950s. Ricoh was able to set milestones here, particularly in the production of fax machines. For example, the Ricoh Rifax 600S, which was the fastest fax machine in the world at the time and required less than a minute to transmit a fax from New York to Tokyo. With the ISDN fax Rifax 7000D, Ricoh also presented the first digital ISDN fax machine in 1989. Today, the Ricoh brand stands for complex office multifunctional devices packed in a compact and inconspicuous exterior.

The advantages of Ricoh original toners

Choose first-class printing results and sustainability with Ricoh Original toners. Ricoh, a leader in office communications, uses innovative technologies to ensure every print is of the highest quality. With Ricoh original toners, you not only achieve impressive printing results, but also benefit from a longer lifespan for your printer.
The advantages of Ricoh original toners are many. They offer excellent color vibrancy and sharp text, making them ideal for professional documents and presentations. They are also specially tailored to Ricoh printers, which reduces misprints and therefore saves time and resources. This contributes to efficiency in your everyday office life.

Ricoh attaches great importance to environmental protection

Your original toners are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are energy efficient in use, which reduces the carbon footprint. In addition, Ricoh offers a return and recycling program for used toner, which helps reduce waste and protects the environment.

By purchasing Ricoh Original toners, you not only ensure quality and reliability, but also support sustainable environmental practices. Rely on the combination of outstanding print quality and ecological responsibility with Ricoh original toners.


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