Compatible printer cartridges for HP

druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp 51645a no 45 Black
HP Compatible 51645A / No. 45
hp c2p05 7ae 62xl Black
HP Compatible C2P05/7AE / 62XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c6656 57a no 56 57 Black
HP Compatible C6656/57A / No. 56/57
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c8727a no 27 Black
HP Compatible C8727A / No. 27
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c8728a no 28 Color
HP Compatible C8728A / No. 28
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c9351 52 ce Black
HP Compatible C9351/52 CE
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c9391 2 3 6a no 88xl Black
HP Compatible C9391/2/3/6A / No. 88XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cc641 44ee no 300xl Black
HP Compatible CC641/44EE / No. 300XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp ch563 64ee no 301xl Black
HP Compatible CH563/64EE / No. 301XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp f6u67 68ae 302xl Black
HP Compatible F6U67/68AE / 302XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp n9k07 8ae 304xl Black
HP Compatible N9K07/8AE / 304XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp t6n03 4ae 303xl Black
HP Compatible T6N03/4AE / 303XL
Druckerpatrone kompatibel für HP 3YM62/63AE / 305XL
HP Compatible 3YM62/63AE / 305XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c8765e no 338 Black
HP Compatible C8765E / No. 338
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c8766e no 343 Color(CMY)
HP Compatible C8766E / No. 343
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c8767e no 339 Black
HP Compatible C8767E / No. 339
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c9361ee no 342 Color(CMY)
HP Compatible C9361EE / No. 342
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c9362ee no 336 Black
HP Compatible C9362EE / No. 336
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c9364ee no 337 Black
HP Compatible C9364EE / No. 337
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c9363e no 344 Color(CMY)
HP Compatible C9363E / No. 344
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cb336 38e no 350 351xl Black
HP Compatible CB336/38E / No. 350/351XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cc654 56ae no 901xl Black
HP Compatible CC654/56AE / No. 901XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cn684ee cb32223 24 25 no 364xl Black
HP Compatible CN684EE / CB322(23,24,25) No. 364XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cz130 131 132 133a no 711 Black
HP Compatible CZ130/131/132/133A / No. 711
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp t6m03 07 11 15ae no 903xl Black
HP Compatible T6M03/07/11/15AE / No. 903XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c2p224 25 26ae no 934xl Black
HP Compatible C2P224/25/26AE / No. 934XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c4906 7 8 9ae no 940xl Black
HP Compatible C4906/7/8/9AE / No. 940XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cd972 73 74 75ae no 920xl Black
HP Compatible CD972/73/74/75AE / No. 920XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cn045 46 47 48ae no 950xl Black
HP Compatible CN045/46/47/48AE / No. 950XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cn053 54 55 56ae no 932xl Black
HP Compatible CN053/54/55/56AE / No. 932XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp no 913a Black
HP Compatible No. 913A
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp 3ja23 24 25 26ae 963 Black
HP Compatible 3JA27/28/29/30/35AE / 963XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cn625 626 627 628ae no 970 971xl Black
HP Compatible CN625/626/627/628AE / No. 970/971XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp l0r05 6 7 8a 976y Black
HP Compatible L0R05/6/7/8A / 976Y
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp l0s07ae f6t81 82 83ae no 973x Black
HP Compatible L0S07AE, F6T81/82/83AE / No. 973X
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp l0s70ae f6u1617 18ae 953xl Black
HP Compatible L0S70AE / F6U16(17.18)AE 953XL
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp 981a j3m68 69 70 71a Black
HP Compatible 981A / J3M68/69/70/71A
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp 981x l0r09 10 11 12a Black
HP Compatible 981X / L0R09/10/11/12A
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp 981y l0r13 14 15 16a Black
HP Compatible 981Y / L0R13/14/15/16A
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp 991x m0k02ae m0j90 94 98ae Black
HP Compatible 991X / M0K02AE, M0J90/94/98AE
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c9370 71 72 73 74 403a no 72 Black Matt
HP Compatible C9370/71/72/73/74/403A / No. 72
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp d8j07 08 09 10a 980a Black
HP Compatible D8J07/08/09/10A / 980A
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp c4846 47 48 71a no 80 Black
HP Compatible C4846/47/48/71A / No. 80
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp ce037 38 39 40 41 42 43a no 771 Black Matt
HP Compatible CE037/38/39/40/41/42/43A / No. 771
druckerpatrone kompatibel fur hp cm992 93 94 95 96 97a no 761 Black Matt
HP Compatible CM992/93/94/95/96/97A / No. 761

Buy compatible HP printer cartridges

Compatible HP printer cartridges are cartridges designed for HP printers. HP, abbreviated for Hewlett-Packard, is one of the largest American manufacturers of computers, laptops and printers. The company produces special HP printer cartridges for HP printers. These are only compatible with HP printers. HP printer cartridges are available in different colors and sizes. HP has also developed various printer cartridges that fit the individual HP printer models.

Compatible cartridges for HP Deskjet 2720e: quality and cost savings

Our compatible cartridges for the HP Deskjet 2720e offer an excellent balance between quality and cost savings. They meet high quality standards for sharp text and vibrant colors, similar to the original cartridges, but at a fraction of the cost. This eco-friendly choice not only reduces your printing costs, but also protects the environment by reducing waste. Ideal for everyday use at home or in the office, our cartridges offer reliability and high performance that will convince you.

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Perfect print results with compatible HP Deskjet 2710 cartridges

Achieve perfect print results with our compatible HP Deskjet 2710 cartridges , which have been specially developed for your HP printer model. These cartridges are the ideal solution for anyone who values ​​high print quality at an affordable price. Our compatible cartridges not only offer excellent color intensity and sharpness, but are also fully compatible with your HP Deskjet 2710, which guarantees smooth operation without complications. Whether you want to print important documents or implement creative projects, our cartridges will help you to always achieve professional results without straining your budget.

Environmentally friendly and affordable HP 301 alternatives

Discover our environmentally friendly and affordable alternatives to the HP 301 printer cartridges that are kind to both your wallet and the environment. Our compatible cartridges are an excellent choice for users who are looking for high print quality without the high cost of the original cartridges. They are carefully designed to ensure perfect compatibility and trouble-free use with your printer and offer consistently excellent print results.

By using our compatible HP 301 cartridges, you are actively contributing to protecting the environment, as they are made from recyclable materials and remanufactured to reduce waste. Ideal for anyone who wants to be environmentally conscious and reduce their printing costs. Our cartridges ensure that quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

Maximum performance for your HP Envy 5030 with our printer cartridges

Give your HP Envy 5030 a performance boost with our compatible printer cartridges! Designed to meet the specific needs of your printer, these cartridges offer an excellent combination of quality and efficiency. Enjoy crisp text and vibrant colors that add that extra something to every document and photo.

Our cartridges are not only a cost-effective alternative to original cartridges, but also extremely reliable. You can rely on consistent print quality that even exceeds your expectations. Perfect for everyday printing needs in the office or at home. Rely on our cartridges to keep your HP Envy 5030 to a new level of performance without breaking your budget.

eine schwarze und eine pinke Druckerpatrone

How to get the most out of your HP printer with non-original cartridges

To get the most out of your HP printer with non-original cartridges, simply follow these tips:

  1. Check compatibility: Make sure the compatible cartridges are specifically designed for your HP printer model.
  2. Easy installation: Install the cartridges just as you would with original cartridges, including removing the protective covers.
  3. Ensure print quality: Our cartridges offer excellent print results with clear, sharp text and vibrant colors.
  4. Regular maintenance: Perform cleaning cycles to maintain printer functionality and prevent clogging.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your HP printer always delivers excellent results, even with non-original cartridges.


Yes, our compatible cartridges for the HP Deskjet 2720e offer equivalent print quality and page yield to the original cartridges, but at a significantly lower price. They are a cost-effective solution that does not require any compromise on quality.

No, using our compatible HP Deskjet 2710 cartridges will not affect your printer's warranty. Our products are designed to be fully compatible with your HP printer and do not pose any risks to your device.

Our compatible HP 301 cartridges offer several benefits, including significant cost savings and consistent print quality. They also support a more environmentally friendly printing solution as they are often made from recycled materials.

To prevent drying out, we recommend using the printer regularly and storing the cartridges properly when the printer is not in use for long periods of time. Avoid placing your printer in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions.

Yes, certain compatible cartridge models are designed to be compatible with several HP Deskjet series printers, including the 4100, 4110e, and Deskjet Plus 4110 models. Be sure to check the product specifications to choose the correct cartridges for your model.

Yes, our compatible cartridges for the HP Envy 6030 deliver print results that are very close to those of the original cartridges. You can expect high print quality, ideal for both everyday printing tasks and more demanding printing projects.


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