Was bedeuten die Begriffe "Toner ersetzen" und "Toner bestellen"?

What is the correct course of action when the "Replace toner" message appears?

Modern laser printers are very sensitive and can accurately detect when print quality is declining, which is often caused by low toner levels in the toner cartridge . If messages such as "Replace toner" or "Order toner" appear on the printer display or computer monitor, it is advisable to purchase new toner cartridges on time.
For color laser printers, the "Order Toner" message often appears first for a specific ink or color toner, which can result in color distortions on printed pages. If the printer reports "toner empty", you should replace the toner cartridge as soon as possible.

Printing beyond the end of the toner cartridge's life

Most laser printers have a function to reset the page counter and toner levels. This means that you can continue to use the printer even after the toner cartridge has expired. However, optimal print quality can no longer be guaranteed. As a temporary solution, you can remove the toner cartridge from the printer and shake it to loosen and effectively use up any remaining toner particles. However, this method is not reliable and it is recommended to install a new toner cartridge soon.

Each toner cartridge in a laser printer has a limited lifespan and needs to be replaced when the time comes. When toner levels become low, modern printers will alert the user, similar to inkjet printers and their ink cartridges. Therefore, it is possible for a laser printer to display messages such as "Replace toner" or "Order toner" on the display.

Questions or difficulties regarding XL toner cartridges

Toner cartridges come in different capacities, such as 3,000 pages, 6,000 pages, or 9,000 pages. Cheap XL and XXL toners are often offered with a high range.
However, if the printer counter can only recognize a maximum yield of 6,000 pages, an error message may appear in some cases even if the toner cartridge is still half full. In this case, a manual toner reset on the printer can often help to reset the page counter and continue printing.
However, it is important to avoid unnecessary blank prints and replace used toner in a timely manner so as not to damage the laser printer or multifunction device. The optimal time for changing the toner should be observed and determined by the user himself.